MORSE CODE Series Premier Wed May 23!

VERY QUITE EXCITED to announce the series premier of MORSE CODE, next Wednesday May 23 at 9pm central, exclusively on Patreon.

Simon Pinkerton is failing. His wife has given up on him, his daughter checked out. The worst part is, he knows it’s his fault. But while his family life falls apart, Simon’s manager has an idea. Maybe there’s hope after all?

For this initial rollout, the series premier of MORSE CODE is available to Patreon supporters only! Join the more than 145 patrons that have already signed up to help make MORSE CODE a reality. Subscription starts at $1, and each patron has his her name in the closing credits. It only takes a minute to sign up! Find out more here.

I don’t know if anyone’s ever tried to do this before, make a TV show out of thin air. It’s been quite a trip already. My heart is full - it's so inspiring working with all these talented people!

Take a second and get in on the ground floor of something original and weird? Click the link in the comments down below! Thanks for watching 🙏🏽 and even more THANKS FOR BELIEVING.