Bring Korby into your home. Or Backyard. Or special event.

Korby Lenker will completely engage his audience with original music and superbly crafted storytelling. He has performed here twice and is certainly welcome back again!
Ron Simblist - Chatt Hills Music (Chattahoochee Hills GA)

Experience a truly memorable concert, up close and in a familiar setting - your home!

With his moving songs, clever stories and often hilarious banter, Korby has brought his one-of-a-kind show to hundreds of clubs, festivals and house concerts around the world. Yours could be next!

In the last ten years, house concerts have popped up all over the country. In places like Texas and the Northeast, they’ve been around for much longer, but new concert series are starting up all the time, in Idaho, Florida, California - everywhere fans of serious acoustic music want to gather in a pin drop environment to hear every word, note, and nuance. With house concerts, it’s all about the music.

Having Korby play at our house was a delightful experience! He was easy to host and felt like an old friend by the time he left.
He gave a performance that was a perfect mix of musical talent, passion, and entertaining stories - we enjoyed his spoken words as much as his songs. Our guests loved him and are still thanking us for a magical evening.
Leah - Bokenkamp House Concerts (Marblehead MA)



House Concert FAQ's

How much does it cost?

A successful house concert costs the host very little. Time is the biggest resource. Once you and Korby agree on a date, it's set! You bring the guests and Korby brings the music. Korby's house concerts usually work on a 'suggested donation' of $20 per guest. Hosts typically handle the responsibility of bringing the guests - emails, facebook events, and even word of mouth are an effective means of getting the word out. Some hosts have a formal reservation system or 'sell' tickets through an outlet like Brown Paper Tickets, but many host simply get a commitment from guests via email or sometimes verbally. With house concerts, artist and host work together to make a great experience for the audience. That means that if you feel like there's something unique to your crowd - like ' hey people around here can only afford $10' or 'is it okay if we have a birthday party afterwards?' or 'I have one cat too many, can I give you one?' - just bring it up! We'll talk. It's part of the fun. 


Do I need to guarantee a set fee?

The spirit of the house concert is that everyone work together to make a positive experience. Korby does not require a hard guarantee for most house concerts. Rather, the host and Korby usually have a conversation about expectations. For weekend bookings, we usually shoot for a turnout of 40 - 60 guests. Weekday shows  require less.

Korby Lenker is a dreamer who only knows how to go at life full throttle. His talent is boundless, his energy is fearless, and that sums up the experience of being present for one of his performances. He sweeps you up in a creative experience that’s smart, eloquent, sometimes funny and sometimes sexy, that always leaves his audience wanting more.
- Betty (Summer Days Concert Series, San Antonio)


 Do I need to provide a PA?

Typically, yes. A simple PA is an essential ingredient to a successful show. Normally the host will provide a PA, though if the show is within driving distance from Nashville, Korby can often bring his own PA. That's something Korby and the host discuss :)


Do I need to pay for Korby's travel expenses?

No. Korby will handle all of the travel costs. Often the hosts will arrange for Korby to sleep somewhere the night of the show, either at the host's home or the home of a friend (Korby is a respectful house guest). This is not always necessary. Again, it's something Korby and the host discuss.

“We are so happy that Korby Lenker played Red Boots Roots. We already loved his songs, but hearing them live with his stories made for a great night for our house concert community. We hope that he will return soon!
Lynn Fowler - Red Boots Roots (Atlanta GA)


How far out to I need to book? 

Often, house concert bookings are made six months to a year in advance. But Korby has also played successful shows that were booked with as little as three weeks notice! It's all about zeroing in on a time that works for everyone.


I think I'm interested! How do I proceed?

Awesome! Just email Korby, and say hello. If you have an idea of a date or two that might work, include those. If not, no worries! Korby has arranged hundreds of house concerts just like yours and can walk you through it. Most likely he will jump on the phone with you to discuss. His intention is to make it fun from moment one.