Korby's new web series, Morse Code, launches in April

Hello friends and fans and occasional detractors: I'm making a TV show. A web series really.

It's called MORSE CODE, and it's about an indie folk singer trying to strike an balance between being a good artist and a good dad. We've put together a talented cast and crew and we're shooting the pilot in March.

MORSE CODE premieres April 15 or when I reach 300 patrons, whichever comes second.

If you aren't familiar, Patreon is a platform that more and more artists are using to further their relationship with their art and their fans. In its simplest form, fans pledge a set amount (monthly, in my case) in exchange for perks and exclusive content.

Everyone does it different. It can get complicated. I'm not interested in complicated, so I'm doing a thing where, for whatever you pledge, you get access to everything I make. $1 per month, $20 per month - a pledge of any amount means you get everything that comes out of my invention factory.

To be honest, I'm more interested in building community than cashing in, which is why I'm asking you to consider a pledge of $1 a month to help me in my dream of making this thing. It takes about 1 minute to set it up. Check out my Patreon page now  or watch this short video I made that tells you a little more.

Thank you for all your support of me! Let's keeping pushing this forward.


Watch All 5 Episodes of 'Unfortunate Peer Review"

To promote Korby's live album recording January 6, 2018, more than 20 Nashville creatives - Rodney Crowell, Nora Jane Struthers, Kenneth Pattingale of the Milk Carton Kids, Mary Gauthier, Steve Poltz, Liz Longley, many more - came together to give their review of Korby and his music. Originally released as 5 separate episodes, here is the compete reel, uncut and unpretty.

Watch 'Unfortunate Peer Review' here.

Asked why he would create such a unflattering video series, Lenker responded: "Basic to my way of making art is a willingness to be the first in line to laugh at myself."

'Book Nerd' video Premiers on The Tennessean

Korby's song "Book Nerd" just premiered in The Tennessean. Featuring a quirky love story centering on Korby's book, Medium Hero, the video was recorded and filmed at Parnassus Books in Nashville. An actual book nerd, Korby also name checks such luminaries as Tolstoy, James Joyce, Keroauc and To Kill a Mockingbird. Read the article here. Watch the video here.