Live Review from Hotel Cafe in Hollywood

Sharing this review of a show I recently played at The Hotel Cafe in LA. Between living in Nashville and touring full-time, I’ve seen several thousand acts play their version of a 45 minute set. Hopefully most of the time I keep my strong opinions to myself, but I pay pretty close attention to everything I see – what’s good, what’s lame – mostly because when it’s my turn, I want to play a show that doesn’t suck.

I don’t know Whitney personally and I didn’t meet her that night in LA, but she obviously watches shows with a lot of attention to what’s happening onstage. This is a thoughtful, well-observed review. As artists, I think we all play the show we want to see, so it’s validating to read when your work is coming across the way you think it is. Even some of the bad things!

Being a performing singer-songwriter means distilling your whole life into a 45 minute Moment. This is a pretty fair description of that moment.

Read the review here.