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Imagine a tv show about a guy in the trenches of the modern music business, actually written by a guy in the trenches of the modern music business...

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Written and produced by Korby, MORSE CODE is comedy about a smart-but-dumb folk musician trying to follow his dreams without ruining his life. Drawing heavily from Korby's own experience as a fifteen year veteran singer-songwriter, each 6 to 8 minute episode charts Simon Pinkerton's earnest attempt to make sense of himself, even as his career and family life seem to be disintegrating around him. It's funny and sad, and we think you're gonna love it. 

Watch the series premiere now! (6 minutes)

This looks expensive! How do you afford it?

Because people believe in what we're doing and they've taken a second to support us on Patreon. What's Patreon?  It's a subscription-based crowdfunding platform where fans make a monthly pledge in exchange for early access and other exclusive perks. It's a great way for new original ideas to find a home and grow. Original ideas like MORSE CODE.

Already more than 190 patrons have said YES. I believe in this.

We have a dream - to make the first ever crowd-funded TV show find a large audience -  and with your help, we are already making it happen.

I'd love to be part of this! How can I?

Awesome! Now you can say I was there at the beginning. Just click over to Korby's Patreon page and spend the 1 minute it takes to sign up. Basically you make a monthly pledge - $1 a month all the way up to $500 (we're still waiting for that one) - and for that you get first dibs on new episodes of MC, plus all the other weird stuff Korby makes (check it out - there's a lot - short stories, exclusive song videos/downloads, even piano tutorials). It doesn't matter how much you pledge - a pledge of any amount gives you access to everything.

Behind the scenes of episode 2 with actors Sara Antonio, Maggie Schneider, and Korby.

Behind the scenes of episode 2 with actors Sara Antonio, Maggie Schneider, and Korby.

This just in: in early July 2018 we wrapped filming on episode 2. It was so much fun! Episode 2 will be released on Patreon sometime in late August. Here's a behind the scenes moment from the set at Dino's in East Nashville, featuring Kenneth Pattengale from the Milk Carton Kids.

Korby and Kenneth between takes on the set of episode 2.

Korby and Kenneth between takes on the set of episode 2.

The punchline is, we're trying to do something we really believe in, and, if you believe in it too, we're asking you to join us. Each Patron gets his/her name in the closing credits (as evidenced in episode 1). And you can be part of a team of people who are trying to do something not just crazy, but GOOD.

Join us on Patreon now! What do you say? 

Press Quotes:

"Korby Lenker's keen control of narrative voice is spot-on in each of these stories -- distinctive, disarming, entertaining, and completely convincing.” 
                     - Tim O’Brien (National Book Award-winning author of The Things They Carried)

 “By chance, I saw Korby play music one night and knew I had to meet him. The stories in Medium Hero are just like his songs — clever and well-crafted, with a tendency to linger in your mind long after you’ve finished reading. Very entertaining!”
                    - Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple

“These stories straddle a border between an Everyman’s search for meaning and a highly specialized look at modern Americana…A quick, pleasurable set of short stories that track the emotional and intellectual struggle of several young men.”
                    - Kirkus Reviews

Korby's first published book is a collection of short stories called

Medium Hero

Released by Turner Publishing December 2015, Korby’s first book features twenty-seven stories culled from his fifteen years as a solo touring indie artist.

The stories are as colorful as his titles suggest — “Rat’s Dude”, “Manboy and the Mafia Table”, “Catlady” — and flourish under his descriptive, empathetic pen. From a romantic encounter turned family crisis, to a humorous eulogy for his recently deceased piano teacher, to an unlikely visit with a convicted felon in a California desert, he has distilled an unusual life into a few potent vignettes you will read more than once. 

Korby is in love with the world and has the gift of making readers see things his way.

Watch Korby describe his book in this short video.

Click here to read the user reviews on Amazon. If you've read Medium Hero, please take  a moment and leave a review. It makes a big difference!