Korby voices character in blockbuster video game "BioShock Infinite"

Korby was recently asked to voice a character for Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2. To date, the Bioshock series has sold more than 4 million copies. Watch Korby play and sing a song called Pie in the Sky.

"Korby Lenker" is officially available!

We are so excited to announce that my 6th studio album is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and any store where you buy music. After more than 2 years and the help of SO MANY PEOPLE, it's done. Wow. I could not be more excited! Take a second to check it out and thanks for everyone who believed in me and made this possible. Let's see where it all goes. Korby

Korby on Sirius XM!

We just got word that SiriusXM has added my song "If I Prove False" to rotation on their channel "The Coffeehouse". We couldn't be more excited! If you see it playing and feel like making me someone (me) smile, take a pic of your car stereo and post it on my page. I love it when people do that!

"Forbidden Fruit" premiers on American Songwriter Magazine

The lead single - Forbidden Fruit - from my forthcoming self-titled album (out March 25 on Stuffed Piranha Records) just had its video premier on American Songwriter. Filmed at Santa's Pub in Nashville and featuring wigs, bowties, harps, a drag queen and some sick dance moves, the video is as fun as the song. Watch it here:
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Family camping trip Sawtooth Mountains 1986. Dad younger than I am now. Weird feeling there. Also, that gorgeous white Pontiac was a hearse dad bought from the mortuary, retrofitted to transport bodies. Seats kicked back smooth to fit the casket. Fun car for a kid. #morticianlife #idaho
Spend the afternoon at @pinewoodsocial and @softarchitect might gift you the green bean salad he's considering for the menu #delicious #nashvillebyhabiger
Hour 13 of this shoot. Hopefully we'll be done by 2a. Dawson directing means a red cage will be brought out eventually. Blaque is being nice about it #trooper
Shooting the video for #IfIProveFalse today, and hiking up pants for a reason I don't yet understand #dawsonsidea
Preproduction Day is done and everything is set. Shooting the video for If I Prove False tomorrow...
Sampling the 12 year single malt flight at Two Ten Jack. Yes please and thank you
If you want me to love you forever, make me a cupcake with my name on it.
@meikomusic jamming with @gelbuda and Chris Benelli. Last night we stayed up late and all took a turn and it was really something. Being around great artists and deep musicians is both humbling and a huge inspiration. Thanks #shsongfest for bringing us together.
Winding down from the set by holding a chicken named Cow #orlando @lahodges
Dad and sisters, circa 1957. In case you wondered where I got the bowtie from #tbt
Blaque Mickey Korby #epcot
It was day off so I went to #Epcot And did a thing called drinking around the world. Had to have my picture taken in front of the #pickletree , in Germany. Yes, pickles
I've spent the last 4 days building fires in this tiny stove and going through every story, line by line. As of one hour ago, I'm excited, relieved, nervous to say - my first book is finally, officially DONE. Off to the printer tomorrow. Looking for a soft release in early May.
Had a great morning with @davidberkleymusic , on my last day in Santa Fe. He's finishing a book right now too. Will miss this dry, magical place
Room of rugs #santafe
Bioshock Infinity 2: Underwater Burial came out on Tuesday - same day as my album. If you get to the part of the game where this guy is singing the "Pie in the Sky" song, well, that's me, singing and playing guitar. Kudos to Marc Lacuesta for producing.
Early morning walk through deserted streets and cobblestone #santafe
St. Francis Cathedral in the dying light of day. Santa Fe was founded in 1610. Isn't that amazing?! #oldcity #adobedreams
Open fire to make the morning email go a little more gently #santafe #adobedreams
Riding the bus in Albuquerque like any other normal person
I have just made this serious movie to celebrate the release of my new album. You can buy the record on my website (korbylenker.com) or a digital version if that's your fancy. Link in bio bio bio
Happy release day to me! If you live in #Nashville , I'm playing a FREE in-store TONIGHT at @Grimeys . 6pm - see you there!
My new album is out. Today. You can buy it on iTunes, or anywhere. The link is in my bio ðŸ' . Thank you guys for believing in me. There is no way I could do this without you.
Guess 22 states in 48 days took a little outta #suzytrooper . Where on the eastside should I take a sick Isuzu? #nashville
Pretty typical morning scene. Playing tonight in #Birmingham at @soundandpage . Doors 7:30, music at 8. $10. #lonesomedove #novelsandcoffee
Thank you @djdanbuckley and @lightning100 for letting me sing and dance on your show today! Yes, I danced. Album release show tonight at the Rutledge 8pm!
Album release show day!!! Check out the @nashvillescene 's Critic's Picks, and then listen to @lightning100 at noon today. Ill be on-air playing some songs and talking about the recent tour and new album. And then TONIGHT is the show! With @datlband and @mparden #therutledge #doors7pm #music8pm
Vinyl just came in from the factory today!!! Just in time for the Nashville release! #FridayMarch21 #Rutledge with @datlband and @mparden #doors7pm
Thank you SiriusXM for having me in to do a "Coffeehouse Live" session. That's the Ryman in the background..
@emmykinney thank you for the show and for your kind words. Love your song and spirit!
Awesome sold out show tonight at @eddiesattic . I always like to get my pic taken with the coolest girl in the room so thanks @meyrickmurphy for indulging me
Set list for the last show of the tour #eddiesattic #48days
04.23.14, 7p CST
Your Computer
Live from East Nashville
Korby plays a solo show you can watch from anywhere in the world. Request songs in the chat room. Pay what you want.
04.25.14, 7:00 pm
Columbus, MS
The Cedars HC - $15
Very limited seating. Reserve here.
05.08.14, 7p
Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Cafe - $8
Korby returns to Hotel Cafe. $8. Music at 7p.
Buy tix here.
05.17.14, 7:30p
Olmos Park, TX
Summerdays HC - $15 Suggested Donation
Seating limited. Reserve yours here.
05.18.14, 7p
Austin, TX
Rawhide Trail Concerts - $20 Suggested Donation
RTC is a series of live house concerts. Reservations are offered by invitation only to guests who are signed up for the email list. For more information and to sign up for the email list visit Rawhide Trail Concerts.
05.29.14, 7p doors
Charlotte, NC
The Evening Muse - $8 - 10
Doors 7p. Music at 8p.
Buy Tickets
05.31.14, 7p
Vienna, VA
Jammin' Java - $20
with Ellis Paul. Doors at 6p. Music at 7.
Buy tickets
04.06.14, 6:30 pm
Jacksonville, FL
ERG House Concert - $15
Seating very limited. RSVP to reserve your spot.
04.05.14, 1:30p
Safety Harbor, FL
Safety Harbor Songwriter Festival - $40
Marina Stage 1:30p
04.04.14, 7p
Safety Harbor, FL
Safety Harbor Songwriter Festival - $40
with Angel Snow.
04.03.14, 7:30p
Orlando, FL
FB Presents - $10 Donation
Solo show. Limited Seating. RSVP here to reserve your spot.
03.25.14, 6p
Nashville, TN
Grimey's - FREE
In-store at Grimey's for the record release!!
03.22.14, 8p
Birmingham, AL
Sound and Page - $10
Doors at 7p. Music at 8p.
03.21.14, 7:00 pm
Nashville, TN
The Rutledge - $7
Ages 18+
03.17.14, 7:30
Atlanta, GA
Eddies Attic - $10 adv $14 at door
with Emily Kinney. Buy Tickets
03.08.14, 9p
San Diego, CA
Lestat's - $5
with Jay Chu. Doors at 8. Music at 9p.
03.07.14, 7:00 pm
Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Cafe - $10
Doors 6 pm. Korby at 7p
Buy Tix
03.05.14, 8:00 pm
San Francisco, CA
Hotel Utah - $15
Doors 7 pm
with Chris Trapper
Ages 21+
03.03.14, 7:30 pm
Seattle, WA
Triple Door - $12
Doors 6:00 pm
7:30 pm
03.02.14, 9:30 pm
Portland, OR
White Eagle - $5-$7
Doors 7 pm
03.01.14, 7:00 pm
Walla Walla, WA
Brennan Skaarup House Concert - $10
Doors 6:30 pm
RSVP to melindabrennan@gmail.com
02.28.14, 7:30 pm
Boise, ID
Neurolux - $5
Doors 7pm
02.27.14, 7:30 pm
Twin Falls, ID
Xavier Charter - $10/$5 Students
Doors 7 pm
Pocatello, ID
02.25.14, 8:00 pm
Salt Lake City, UT
Sugar Space - $10-$15
Doors 7:30 pm
02.23.14, 7:00 pm
Alma, NE
Huffman Center - Free
Doors 6 pm
02.22.14, 8:00 pm
Gravel Road Concerts - $8-$10
Doors 7 pm
02.21.14, 7:00 pm
Woodbury, MN
02.20.14, 9:00 pm
Minneapolis, MN
Aster Cafe - $6
Doors 8 pm
02.18.14, 8:00 pm
Madison, WI
Indie Coffee - $5
with Jack Ringhand. Doors at 7, Music at 8
02.17.14, 7:00 pm
Cedar Rapids, IA
Legion Arts - $10-$13
Doors 6 pm
02.16.14, 9:00 pm
Des Moines, IA
Gas Lamp - $5
Doors 7 pm
02.14.14, 9:40pm
Chicago, IL
Goose Island - $10/$12
with Ernie Halter
Doors 8pm
02.13.14, 9:00 pm
Worthington, OH
Natalie's - $5
Doors 7:30 pm
02.12.14, 8:30 pm
Youngstown, OH
Youngstown State University - Free
Doors 6 pm
02.11.14, 8:00 pm
Avon Lake, OH
Close Quarters - free
Doors 7:30 pm
02.10.14, 8:45 pm
Pittsburgh, PA
Garfield Artworks - $7
Doors 7 pm
02.09.14, 6:30 pm
Asbury Park, NJ
The Saint - $10
Ages 21+
02.06.14, 8:00 pm
Easton, MD
02.05.14, 8:15 pm
Newtown Square, PA
Burlap and Bean - $10/$12
with Emily Kinney
Doors 7:30 pm
02.04.14, 7:00 pm
Vienna, VA
Jammin' Java - $10-$15
Doors 6:30 pm
02.01.14, 8:00 pm
Charlotte, NC
The Evening Muse - $8/$10
with Liz Longley
Doors 7:00pm
01.31.14, 9:00 pm
Greensboro, NC
Backyard Stage - $15
Doors 7:00pm
01.25.14, 7:30 pm
Blue Ridge, GA
01.24.14, 9:00 PM
Birmingham, AL
Sound & Page - $10
Doors 7:00pm
12.26.13, 12pm
Atlanta, GA
RT @graceshaker : I just got some free music from @korbykorby on @NoiseTrade . Download it here: http://t.co/vgTh2VScwy
2 hours ago
Camping trip summer '86. That white Pontiac is a hearse dad bought from the mortuary, retrofitted to caskets http://t.co/wOUUHTUqIL
4 hours ago
RT @thiago_elfo : I just got some free music from @korbykorby on @NoiseTrade . Download it here: http://t.co/lIogopcrBq
5 hours ago