Korby's song featured on ABC Family's "The Fosters"

Korby's song "Forbidden Fruit" was featured in 2 episodes of ABC Family's hit show "The Fosters!" More exciting news on this front coming soon...

Korby named "Who's Next" in Music & Musicians Magazine

Korby was named "Who's Next" in the June 2014 issue of Music & Musicians Magazine. Says Korby in the article: "What's really hard is to hit people in the heart
and to reach them...that's what I'm trying to do: make
music that's easily likeable, but with a kind of secret sophistication."
Whos Next

Korby voices character in blockbuster video game "BioShock Infinite"

Korby was recently asked to voice a character for Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2. To date, the Bioshock series has sold more than 4 million copies. Watch Korby's character play and sing a song called Pie in the Sky.

"Korby Lenker" is officially available!

We are so excited to announce that my 6th studio album is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and any store where you buy music. After more than 2 years and the help of SO MANY PEOPLE, it's done. Wow. I could not be more excited! Take a second to check it out and thanks for everyone who believed in me and made this possible. Let's see where it all goes. Korby

Korby on Sirius XM!

We just got word that SiriusXM has added my song "If I Prove False" to rotation on their channel "The Coffeehouse". We couldn't be more excited! If you see it playing and feel like making me someone (me) smile, take a pic of your car stereo and post it on my page. I love it when people do that!
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Day off in #Bozeman . Over a breakfast of chorizo I made a list of some of the songs I've written in the last 2 years but haven't recorded..I didn't realize it's almost 20...I've been kicking around this idea for a project called "The Spirit and the Flesh" where one side has the more poppy stuff I've done (ala my current piranha record) and one side has all the more lyric-driven folk stuff. What started this is, I really like a song I wrote about Chief Sitting Bull and I want to make a collection of songs it can hang out with. Songs like "Late Bloomers" and "Her Heart is Like a Rose." That's the Spirit. But there are other songs, straight poppy numbers like "Uh Oh" and "Pendulum" that need to get out there too. Some great collaborations on that list! @lizlongley @robbyhecht @imangelsnow @angelalauer .. Life is short and there is #SoMuchMusic to make
9,320 ft elevation. Just outside Yellowstone. We've been sitting on this ridge for 4 hours with a pair of binoculars but so far the grizzlie count is zero. Thanks @scottrbrennan for being the best guide ever and bringing along snicker bars
Sandpoint, Idaho This morning I woke up early from the time change. The air inside my parents' house was fresh and cold so I put all my clothes on first thing. During the summer it's all screen doors and windows here, day and night. Actual doors don't spend much time being closed. I made coffee, standing by the machine for five minutes doing nothing but listening to the the bubbling noises and looking across the room at my mom's collection of Thomas Kincaid paintings (no comment). The machine beeped, so I poured some of the coffee into a mug advertising my dad's mortuary. I took a sip and honestly it tasted sort of bad. I never get the ratios right out here. I slid open the back screen door and carried the mug out onto the porch. I sat down on a step. There's been a lot of rain this summer, so everything is 2 clicks greener than I've ever seen it. Candy green. Willy Wonka green. I looked at the green backyard disappearing into the even greener forest. The sun had not yet cleared the hill so there was a slight blueish tint laying over everything. Very still. As I watched, a doe and her fawn came cautiously, bravely, into the picture. Slow delicate high-steps. When she lifted her leg above the grass I could see the shine on her hoof from the dew. She led her fawn toward the salt lick my dad left on a stump. I drank coffee and the doe licked salt. The fawn waited its turn, watching me. When Mother was done she took a step back and her fawn stretched up and put its front hooves on the stump. It leaned forward and I watched its tiny pink tongue stick out and touch the salt. The little head nodded up and down, licking, while the doe stood by. We both watched the fawn.
Excited to announce the Korby Lenker #NorthwestPassage tour starts tomorrow!! Take me seriously when I say I've been looking forward to this all summer. Playing tomorrow in my folks' town in Sandpoint Idaho. Then going on a 3day backpacking trip in Montana before the tour picks back up in Idaho Falls. Here are the complete listings. Details, RSVPs and tix at korbylenker.com Friday July 18 Sandpoint ID Thurs July 24 Idaho Falls ID Friday July 25 Twin Falls ID Sat July 26 Salt Lake City Sun July 27 Boise ID Mon July 28 Walla Walla WA Thurs July 30 Bainbridge Is WA Fri Aug 1 Bellingham WA Sat Aug 2 Seattle WA Sun Aug 3 Portland OR Korbylenker.com
Heading out tomorrow for 3 weeks in the Pacific Northwest.....Spending my last night in Nashville folding piranha tshirts and watching Moonrise Kingdom for the 12th time. Because what else
My friend Gary makes tortoise shell picks out of old pick guards. He sent me an email a few weeks ago, asking what size pick I used and would I like one for free. These things cost like 50 bucks so I said yes and please make it a 2.0 mm beveled edge (best tone, least amt of pick noise). It arrived this morning, complete with handwritten instructions, and my name on the pick. Thanks Gary!
Wrote a song with this #supertalent @lizlongley last week. We made it up in about an hour and tracked it today. Sometimes you write a song you really believe in..
BOOK NERDS NOTE: Pre-sales for my book "Medium Hero" are available starting today! $20 includes domestic shipping - Books ship August 12. Click link in my bio for more info &#10084 ;&#128214 ;&#11014 ;&#11014 ;&#11014 ; If you live in Nashville, my book reading/release party is Sunday, August 17 at @parnassusbooks at 2pm. Mark your calendars if you have a calendar and a marker Chapter listing for "Medium Hero": 1 Everyone has a Miranda Moment 2 Dear Willa Ryder 3 Catfish 4 For April 5 Rat's Dude 6 Bird Crush 7 Birthday Cards 8 Medium Hero 9 Manboy and the Mafia Table 10 Cat Lady 11 Hoquiam 12 Two Red Rings 13 Bus Stop 14 New Year's Day and the Great Snake 15 Simon Cicada 16 The Cool Green Hills of Earth are not Enough 17 Sugar Chest 18 Amplified Desire and a Dirty Peacoat 19 Angel Envy 20 Page of Swords 21 Superman and Lois Lane 22 Bulls Eye 23 This is Probably a Clue of Some Kind
Wearing unlikely pattern combos is one of the great joys of living don't you think?
I went to Haiti when I was twelve. Went again a few weeks ago. This time I got to hang out, learn names, play football...I thought I would be glad to go, glad to leave, you know? Turns out I miss it alot more than I thought I would. I'm sitting in my car in the Green Hills Mall parking lot, about to pick up my laptop from the Apple store, and I'm thinking about what's important in life, and more to the point, what isn't. #tbt
Tonight. Anna Krantz Morgan Karr Korby Lenker at 12th and Porter in Nashville. Doors 7p. Music 8p. $10 @annakrantzmusic @morgankarr
Bringing back the #wigby sessions! Shot two songs today - Coldplay "Ink" and my song "Lovers are Fools" . Will be releasing the dual sides in August. .. Music for the love of it is the best kind.
And these are the last of the Kickstarter packages. You guys, your books, CDs, Tshirts, buttons, sheet music are on their way. Thank you pledgers for helping make this happen. It has truly been life changing. #newbook #newCD #stuffedpiranha #MediumHero #shortstories #longsongs #independentart
Look what is happening Wednesday!
Pretty big party in Nashville tonight. Hope you're having a blast wherever you are. I love these people, and #thiscountry
Can't afford a therapist. Thankfully, watering plants serves the same purpose #succulentlove
beep boop ting ting whirrrrr playing a show next Wednesday in #Nashville whump click purrrrr Ding! with these very talented people krang tap tap wabada splaoosh @morgankarr 😎 and @annakrantzmusic ðŸ'¸ Come see us. bing!
This is a still frame from the video we shot on my last day in #Haiti . I wrote a song called Mwe Kwe Nan Ou "I Believe in You" for the kids' graduation. They were nice enough to sing it with me. Go to facebook.com/KorbyLenker to watch. It was a magical time. Thanks @howschoolhaiti for making it happen. &#127758 ;&#10084 ;&#128107 ;
Tune into @ABCFamily tonight to hear my song "Forbidden Fruit" on @TheFostersABCF at 9/8pm Central!
I'll be back in the states tomorrow. Will be nice to take a shower in the familiar way but Im sure gonna miss these new friends I've made. Thanks @howschoolhaiti for snapping this &#10084 ;
Yesterday was graduation day at @howschoolhaiti in Kenscoff Haiti. I wanted to do something special for these kids who have worked so hard, so I woke up early and wrote this song. Mwen Kwà Nan Ou. Which means "I believe in you" I was was nervous as hell to sing in Creole but everyone helped me and after awhile the whole place, maybe 200 people - parents, students, teachers - were all singing Mwen Kwà Nan Ou over and over, loud. It was so cool. Sometimes you write songs and maybe you get a little money, or help yourself get through a hard time, and then there are the other kind, the kind that make a moment you'll remember for the rest of your life. Some of the kids are coming over today and we're gonna make a video recording. You never really know with Haiti but I hope it happens.
My new office. Good air. Great view #kenscoff #haiti
We had to fire up the generator for the Brasil v Cameroon match. You haven't watched a football match until you've seen it on a 13inch TV in a room full of shouting Haitians
XM, I'm grateful, no Siriusly! #badpun #thankyouthoreally
Today we brought a water tank back from Port-au-Prince, up the long mountain road to the schoolhouse in Kenskoff. The kids turned it into a spaceship, of course #haiti
45 minutes after I landed in Haiti today I met this guy. David. We were hanging out underneath a really big shade tree outside the airport.. We couldn't speak a complete sentence to each other but we did sing "Redemption Song" all the way through. Then I rode in the back of his pickup truck for about 2 hours on top of a mountain of luggage with a couple other new friends. Somehow I managed to take a nap without falling out of the truck. It's been a good day.
Sent 96 copies of my new book out yesterday, to the Kickstarter peeps. Then I stayed up all night packing and somewhere in there I gave myself a haircut. Now I'm at Miami Intl...going to Haiti for a week to help out. See you guys soon!
Yesterday we shot a video for a song I wrote just for @madeinnetwork
My brand new book "Medium Hero" - just came back from the printer!! Sending it out to all the Kickstarter people tomorrow. Copies available to the gen public soon...
So proud of these guys. @datlband at the Ryman, opening for @countingcrows . 🚀🚀🚀
Todd Snider is 1/3 of the reason why I moved to Nashville 6 years ago. He's doing a book reading at Parnassus on Sunday. You know I'll be there #WillRogersofthe21stCentury
from todays Attic Session at @wmarocks . With @paulabressman and @lucasleigh . Thanks for helping me make music guys I so love getting to do this with you
Shooting an #atticsessions for the War Memorial @wmarocks in #Nashville today. With @paulabressman and @lucasleigh . Recording "hurts me so" and "here we go again" and something else I think
07.24.14, 7p
Idaho Falls, ID
Republic American Grill - Free
Doors 6p, Music at 7p.
07.25.14, 8p
Twin Falls, ID
The Historic Ballroom Downtown - $10
Korby plays the high school reunion. With Bret Scherer. Boom. $10 buy your tickets in advance here:
07.26.14, 8p
Salt Lake City, UT
The Redman Building - $10 Suggested Donation
Limited Seating! Reserve your spot here. BYOB
07.27.14, 6p
Boise, ID
Twin Willows - $10 Suggested Donation
Doors at 6p, music at 7. Limited seating. Reserve your spot and get address here.
07.28.14, 7p
Walla Walla, WA
Skaarup Home - $10 Suggested Donation
Doors 6:30, Music at 7p. $10 suggested donation
Seating very limited. RSVP to reserve yours.
Bainbridge Island, WA
Treehouse Cafe - $10 - 15
Korby's first solo show on Bainbridge Island.
Tix $10 - 15 available here.
08.01.14, 7p doors
Bellingham, WA
Naked Clothing - $10
Doors at 7p, music at 8. Suggested Donation $10. All ages.
08.02.14, 8p
Seattle, WA
The Sanctum Sanatorium - $10 suggested donation
An evening with Korby Lenker
Doors at 7p. Music at 8p.
Very limited seating, RSVP to reserve your spot.
Portland, OR
Still working out details for this show !
08.09.14, 11am
East Nashville, TN
Tomato Arts Festival - Free
Korby plays the Edley's Stage at 11AM. Then he will get very sunburned walking around 5 points east nashville drinking tomato-themed cocktails.
08.12.14, 7p CST
Live from East Nashville - Pay what you want
My book "Medium Hero" comes out today, So I wanted to celebrate it by having a show you can watch from anywhere. I will play some songs I've been working on, and show you the book. I might read something out of it but I'm not sure yet, it could be weird.
08.13.14, 8:45p
East Nashville, TN
The Building - $5
Korby at 8:45, Panfish Follows.
08.17.14, 2p
Nashville, TN
Parnassus Books - Free
Join us as we celebrate the release of Korby's first book, 'Medium Hero.' Korby will read from selected stories and play a few songs, all at Nashville's own independent bookstore, Parnassus Books. Author autographs will be available.
08.24.14, 7p
Kennesaw, GA
Scopa Show HC - $15 suggested donation
Doors at 6p, Music at 7p. This show will sell out. RSVP to reserve your seat.
09.07.14, 7p
Evanston, IL
SPACE - $12
Show is at The Studio at SPACE. Intimate venue, advanced purchase highly recommended. $12adv Go here to purchase tickets.
09.24.14, 5p
Nashville, TN
10.14.14, 8p
Philadelphia, PA
Tin Angel - $12 adv
Doors 7p. Music at 8p. Advance tickets go on sale soon.
10.16.14, 7p
New York, NY
Rockwood 1 - $5 suggested donation
Korby plays a set at Rockwood. $5 -50 suggested donation.
11.22.14, tba
Basel, Switzerland
Grace HC - tba
Korby plays in the town where Neitzsche lived and worked. Details TBA
07.18.14, 7:30pm
Sandpoint, ID
DiLuna's - $10
An evening with. Advance tickets available at DiLunas. $10 adv, $12 day of.
07.09.14, 8p
Nashville, TN
12th and Porter - $10
Doors at 8. Music at 9. $10

with Anna Krantz and Morgan Karr. Korby plays first!
06.21.14, 5p
Nashville, TN
Porchfest - free
Porchfest is free and cool and kid friendly and you should probably come.
06.05.14, 7:30pm
Greensboro, NC
The Big Purple - $15 Suggested Donation
Korby plays new faves and old. BYOB, bring a lawn chair and if you're cool you'll bring a snack for the community table (optional). RSVP to reserve your spot.
06.04.14, 9:30
Staunton, VA
Baja Bean
Korby plays solo. 9:30 start. No cover.
06.03.14, 7pm
Asbury Park, NJ
The Saint - $10
Asbury Cafe Presents. with Curtis McMurtry(8:45) / Rick Barry(9:30) / Paul Whistler(8pm) / Korby lenker 10:15.
06.02.14, 7p
New York, NY
Rockwood 1 - $7
Come join Korby as he returns to the Rockwood. Doors at 6p, Korby at 7p.
05.31.14, 7p
Vienna, VA
Jammin' Java - $20
with Ellis Paul. Doors at 6p. Music at 7.
Buy tickets
05.30.14, 7:30pm
Fredericksburg, VA
The Harditones
Limited seating. $15 suggested donation. RSVP korbywigby@gmail.com to reserve your seat.
05.29.14, 7p doors
Charlotte, NC
The Evening Muse - $8 - 10
Doors 7p. Music at 8p.
Buy Tickets
05.24.14, 9pm
Nashville, TN
12th and Porter - $8 - 10
with Gedeon Luke. Doors at 8p. Korby at 9p. Buy tickets here.
05.18.14, 7p
Austin, TX
Rawhide Trail Concerts - $20 Suggested Donation
RTC is a series of live house concerts. Reservations are offered by invitation only to guests who are signed up for the email list. For more information and to sign up for the email list visit Rawhide Trail Concerts.
05.17.14, 7:30p
Olmos Park, TX
Summerdays HC - $15 Suggested Donation
Seating limited. Reserve yours here.
05.14.14, 7p Pacific Time
Your Computer
Live from Laurel Canyon
Korby plays a solo show you can watch from anywhere in the world. Request songs in the chat room. Pay what you want.
05.08.14, 7p
Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Cafe - $8
Korby returns to Hotel Cafe. $8. Music at 7p.
Buy tix here.
04.25.14, 7:00 pm
Columbus, MS
The Cedars HC - $15
Very limited seating. Reserve here.
04.06.14, 6:30 pm
Jacksonville, FL
ERG House Concert - $15
Seating very limited. RSVP to reserve your spot.
04.05.14, 1:30p
Safety Harbor, FL
Safety Harbor Songwriter Festival - $40
Marina Stage 1:30p
04.04.14, 7p
Safety Harbor, FL
Safety Harbor Songwriter Festival - $40
with Angel Snow.
04.03.14, 7:30p
Orlando, FL
FB Presents - $10 Donation
Solo show. Limited Seating. RSVP here to reserve your spot.
03.25.14, 6p
Nashville, TN
Grimey's - FREE
In-store at Grimey's for the record release!!
03.22.14, 8p
Birmingham, AL
Sound and Page - $10
Doors at 7p. Music at 8p.
03.21.14, 7:00 pm
Nashville, TN
The Rutledge - $7
Ages 18+
03.17.14, 7:30
Atlanta, GA
Eddies Attic - $10 adv $14 at door
with Emily Kinney. Buy Tickets
03.08.14, 9p
San Diego, CA
Lestat's - $5
with Jay Chu. Doors at 8. Music at 9p.
03.07.14, 7:00 pm
Los Angeles, CA
Hotel Cafe - $10
Doors 6 pm. Korby at 7p
Buy Tix
03.05.14, 8:00 pm
San Francisco, CA
Hotel Utah - $15
Doors 7 pm
with Chris Trapper
Ages 21+
03.03.14, 7:30 pm
Seattle, WA
Triple Door - $12
Doors 6:00 pm
7:30 pm
03.02.14, 9:30 pm
Portland, OR
White Eagle - $5-$7
Doors 7 pm
03.01.14, 7:00 pm
Walla Walla, WA
Brennan Skaarup House Concert - $10
Doors 6:30 pm
RSVP to melindabrennan@gmail.com
02.28.14, 7:30 pm
Boise, ID
Neurolux - $5
Doors 7pm
02.27.14, 7:30 pm
Twin Falls, ID
Xavier Charter - $10/$5 Students
Doors 7 pm
Pocatello, ID
02.25.14, 8:00 pm
Salt Lake City, UT
Sugar Space - $10-$15
Doors 7:30 pm
02.23.14, 7:00 pm
Alma, NE
Huffman Center - Free
Doors 6 pm
02.22.14, 8:00 pm
Gravel Road Concerts - $8-$10
Doors 7 pm
02.21.14, 7:00 pm
Woodbury, MN
02.20.14, 9:00 pm
Minneapolis, MN
Aster Cafe - $6
Doors 8 pm
02.18.14, 8:00 pm
Madison, WI
Indie Coffee - $5
with Jack Ringhand. Doors at 7, Music at 8
02.17.14, 7:00 pm
Cedar Rapids, IA
Legion Arts - $10-$13
Doors 6 pm
02.16.14, 9:00 pm
Des Moines, IA
Gas Lamp - $5
Doors 7 pm
02.14.14, 9:40pm
Chicago, IL
Goose Island - $10/$12
with Ernie Halter
Doors 8pm
02.13.14, 9:00 pm
Worthington, OH
Natalie's - $5
Doors 7:30 pm
02.12.14, 8:30 pm
Youngstown, OH
Youngstown State University - Free
Doors 6 pm
02.11.14, 8:00 pm
Avon Lake, OH
Close Quarters - free
Doors 7:30 pm
02.10.14, 8:45 pm
Pittsburgh, PA
Garfield Artworks - $7
Doors 7 pm
02.09.14, 6:30 pm
Asbury Park, NJ
The Saint - $10
Ages 21+
02.06.14, 8:00 pm
Easton, MD
02.05.14, 8:15 pm
Newtown Square, PA
Burlap and Bean - $10/$12
with Emily Kinney
Doors 7:30 pm
02.04.14, 7:00 pm
Vienna, VA
Jammin' Java - $10-$15
Doors 6:30 pm
02.01.14, 8:00 pm
Charlotte, NC
The Evening Muse - $8/$10
with Liz Longley
Doors 7:00pm
01.31.14, 9:00 pm
Greensboro, NC
Backyard Stage - $15
Doors 7:00pm
01.25.14, 7:30 pm
Blue Ridge, GA
01.24.14, 9:00 PM
Birmingham, AL
Sound & Page - $10
Doors 7:00pm
12.26.13, 12pm
Atlanta, GA
Made a list of the next 20 songs Im gonna record. Some great collabs on there! @ImAngelSnow @robbyhecht @lizlongley http://t.co/VeSY4AlRYg
2 hours ago
One thing I'm good at is daydreaming. I mean really good
3 hours ago
Walked 20 miles and saw 4 black bears yesterday and Im not even lying. Am going to start a Lewis and Clark re-enactment society #Yellowstone
25 hours ago